Snabbcentralen is a script plugin for the work-at-home operators working at Chattcentralen. It greatly improves the complete operator experience, with keyboard shortcuts to render the mouse obsolete and notifications to let the operator performs other tasks while waiting for new messages to reply to!


The main focus points for Snabbcentralen is:

... all while never lowering work quality or decreasing performance for the operators.

Autofill of username and password

As the login page for Chattcentralen does not use HTTPS, some browsers will automatically fill in your username and password. Snabbcentralen can do this for you, and even log you in automatically!

Statistics counters

A nifty collection of counters showing statistics of today and the current week. This helps you easily keep track of your progress towards reaching set goals for your working week! Note that the calculation of euroes earned uses a very basic algorithm and does not account for top ticker and other temporary bonuses.

Settings for the plugin

The behaviour of the plugin can be customized after your needs. Fixes can be turned on or off and keyboard shortcuts can be changed.

Reordering of logging elements

The order of the "Save note" button and the category list can be reversed, so that one tab from the logging text box focuses the category dropdown, and another tab focuses the "Save note" button.


Snabbcentralen is quickly installed using three simple steps:

  1. Install the plugin Tampermonkey in your web browser. This will allow the script to be easily installed and run on Chattcentralen.
  2. Visit this link.
    NOTE: If you don't have Tampermonkey installed, Google Chrome might say something like "Apps, addons and user scripts can not be added from this web site".
  3. Tampermonkey will now give you the option to read its source code and install it. Click on the "Install" button.
  4. Log in at (or update the page if you are already logged in) and you will see the settings button at the top, next to the "Manual" button! You have now successfully installed Snabbcentralen and you can either use it as it is out of the box, or customize your settings in the settings dialog!